Whale Line-Art

Another project completed. I needed something large to cover a big area of dead space on my landing wall. What’s big and covers space? A great big whale.

Another new style – line-art. A huge chunk of painted timber later, followed by hours of painstaking detail work and we’re done.


A rare attempt at acrylic portrait painting. It’s taken ages, as I picked it up and then left it for a while, and repeat, and repeat. Anyway, pleased with the final result.

Hand-Built Table

So, a longer project for this one, which involved sourcing the timber, planing, clamping, glueing, assembling the scaffold poles, sanding, varnishing, sanding, varnishing. But I love it and I even had enough to build a tv unit too 🙂

The Magic Mirror

It’s finally built! The Magic Mirror is alive (well almost). Built using a Raspberry Pi, an Ikea mirror frame and a old lcd monitor, it’s working pretty much. It still needs a few tweaks with how it grabs data to update our calendars etc. but the main concept is functioning.