I really wanted to enter a contest on Worth with a theme of Reflections, but struggled for a few days to come up with any decent concept. In the end, I literally stepped over it – I remembered I had a mirror in the shed and went to take a look and see what sort of condition it was in. As I brought it out to polish it, I caught sight of the snail by the door and knew he was perfect for the shot.
Hoped to have him appear as if almost floating in the reflected sky.

Competition win !

I spotted a competition a few weeks ago on the PDSA website calling for shots of owners and their pets. I entered this one from November ’05 and thought nothing of it.

Letter came through this morning informing of the win ! Prize is yet to be confirmed but it’s a Canon digital camera of some description – probably at the cheaper end, but I’m certainly not complaining !

One question springs to mind though – why do photo competitions so often give cameras as prizes to people who obviously already have one ?