Pixel Art of Pulp Fiction

I finished up a project I’ve been working on. It’s 100% hand-drawn and based on the lightness/darkness of pixels from a frame of Pulp Fiction. Each area is cross-hatched with a different degree. I love how it’s turned out

Colyn completes London Triathalon

My brother Colyn completed the London Triathalon yesterday. That’s 750m Swim / 20km Bike / 5km Run.
Great job bruv.


Art by Philip Worth

Met up with artist Philip Worth on Thursday evening, taking shots of his work for Victoria over at www.bohoboxmoor.com.
An interesting gentleman, who described his work as a ‘necessity’ to him, rather than a hobby. His studio was an explosion of colour, which he seems to give himself to fully – hence my monochrome portrait of him facing the colourful work in the background.


With Beaver Scouts, today we walked from The Three Horseshoes pub at Winkwell to Berkhamsted castle. Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time.
I shot this pic of Scarlett just as we were about to leave.


It Must Be Love

It was half-term last week, and I took a day off to look after the girls. We all liked a video we’d seen online of a wedding video, where everyone was singing along to Don’t Stop Me Now.

Here’s our version, with cheaper equipment but an amazing cast ! 🙂

New design and renewed effort

This site has gone untended for far too long, so I’ve decided to update everything and integrate my website and blog into one single site. I’m not just starting from here chronologically, as I’m planning to ‘backfill’ some news/photos from before today’s date.

I’m happy with the result now, but any thoughts opinions would be (reasonably) graciously received.