Spark plug

Shot for a specific contest with the theme of ‘Electric’. Although it didn’t do so well in the contest, I was pleased with the end result.
If you’re wondered how it was done – a friend had installed some mad device in his exhaust to make foot long flames shoot out of it. It’s sparked by some electronic device attached to a spark plug. He removed it and we clamped it so it kept still, then hit the ignition which makes it spark repeatedly.


I shot a number of shots for a client a few weeks ago, but this was really the pick of the bunch (shown with his kind permission). Luke was fantastic to work with, following any instructions and even offering ideas of his own.
Really pleased with this one.


I really wanted to enter a contest on Worth with a theme of Reflections, but struggled for a few days to come up with any decent concept. In the end, I literally stepped over it – I remembered I had a mirror in the shed and went to take a look and see what sort of condition it was in. As I brought it out to polish it, I caught sight of the snail by the door and knew he was perfect for the shot.
Hoped to have him appear as if almost floating in the reflected sky.