A rare attempt at acrylic portrait painting. It’s taken ages, as I picked it up and then left it for a while, and repeat, and repeat. Anyway, pleased with the final result.

Art by Philip Worth

Met up with artist Philip Worth on Thursday evening, taking shots of his work for Victoria over at www.bohoboxmoor.com.
An interesting gentleman, who described his work as a ‘necessity’ to him, rather than a hobby. His studio was an explosion of colour, which he seems to give himself to fully – hence my monochrome portrait of him facing the colourful work in the background.


I shot a number of shots for a client a few weeks ago, but this was really the pick of the bunch (shown with his kind permission). Luke was fantastic to work with, following any instructions and even offering ideas of his own.
Really pleased with this one.

Competition win !

I spotted a competition a few weeks ago on the PDSA website calling for shots of owners and their pets. I entered this one from November ’05 and thought nothing of it.

Letter came through this morning informing of the win ! Prize is yet to be confirmed but it’s a Canon digital camera of some description – probably at the cheaper end, but I’m certainly not complaining !

One question springs to mind though – why do photo competitions so often give cameras as prizes to people who obviously already have one ?